Texas hold 'em poker.


Texas hold 'em, sometimes called simply hold' em - the most popular form of poker today, the game with two handheld and the five community cards used by all players to make combinations.


Playing Texas hold 'em poker.

The game is played as follows:
In some games, all players have made a small down payment (ante), it increases the size of the bank (public money on the table) and the activity of the players.
Two players to the dealer (the button or dealer), make blind bets (blinds). Usually, the first makes the minimum bet (small blind) and the second - the whole bet (big blind).
Each player receives two cards face down (PF) should be betting.
On the table in front of all the players are placed three open cards (the flop), it should be betting.
Placed on the table in the open fourth card (the turn) should be betting. When playing limit hold'em fixed rate at this time is doubled.
Placed on the table to open the fifth card (the river). Thus, on the table are 5 cards, followed by the final round of betting.
Players can use their two hole cards and 5 for the preparation of 5-card combinations.


Varieties of Texas hold 'em poker.

There are three main types of Texas Hold'em:

  1. limited - the rates are limited.
  2. Pot Limit - the maximum rate is limited by the size of the bank;
  3. No Limit - the maximum rate is limited by the size of the stack player.

In turn, No Limit (NL - no limit) hold'em, depending on the size of the stack (the money that the player sits down at the table) divided by Strategies: Short (SSS - shortstack strategy: 20 big blinds), medium (MSS - midlstack strategy: 50 big blinds), large (BSS - bigstack strategy: 100 big blinds) and deep stacks (DSS - deepstack strategy: more than 100 big blinds).

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Omaha - one of the most popular forms of poker. Unlike seven-card Texas Hold'em, the game - devyatikartochnaya. Regulation of these two species are very similar. But the differences are, in Omaha players are dealt four hole cards, but the final poker hand still consists of five cards, which in turn consists of exactly 2 closed and 3 open. 

Playing the Omaha poker.

The game is played as follows:
Blinds. Before the game, left of the dealer players post blinds, first the small blind and the left - the big blind. The blinds are put in order to provide an initial pot.
Pre-flop. Players are dealt four hole cards. The first player starts the first betting round - the arrows. He sits on the left of the big blind.
Flop. After the pre-flop on the table laid out three cards. Then again, should the terms of trade.
Ternes. Then, the fourth community card is laid back and a round of betting.
River. Finally, on the table drops  fifth community card. It should be the last round of bidding, and if not, all bets on the river called, there is a showdown, and it turns out the strongest five-card combination, while in contrast to the Texas Hold'em poker hand for drafting a player must use two cards from your hand and three cards from the table.
If multiple players have the same combination - split the pot.


Variations of Omaha

There are three main varieties of Omaha:

  1. limit - the rates are limited.
  2. Pot Limit - the maximum rate is limited by the size of the bank, this is the most common type of
  3. No Limit (NL) poker - bet maximum stack size is limited to the player.